24 October 2011

Antireligion: All the evidence you need

The claim has often been made by antireligious* polemicists that religion is the source of all evil, and if only we would get rid of religion, then Bambi's mother would come back and we would all would live happily while singing Imagine. Oh, and religious persons are inherently intolerant, bigoted troglodytes blinkered by their own beliefs and unable to engage in intelligent debate.

If you want some evidence that abandoning religion is anything but a cure for bad behavior, in fact quite possibly the opposite, may I present the comments in this post over at the Guardian's website. Keep in mind that the author of the article is himself an atheist and skeptic – and read the reaction from the great mass of enlightened superior co-nonreligionists.

If I was Prof. Came, I'd be thinking with friends like this, who needs enemies. Good grief.

* - I deliberately do not use the term "atheist" or "New Atheist" to describe such persons. First, not all atheists are necessarily against religion per se. Second, I dislike the label "New Atheists" because of the way it has been used to tar a lot of people with a broad brush. Third, many of those against religion are not in fact atheist, but agnostic, a distinction that seems to be lost on many people, including many atheists. The adjective "antireligious" seems to me to be far more accurate – and far more appropriate.

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