07 October 2011

Hexham Abbey Men's and Boys' Choir paying us a welcome visit

Late last year, I had a rather unexpected e-mail from England. It seemed the Hexham Abbey Girls' Choir was on tour and wanted to know if they could sing at our church. Together with our rector, I made the arrangements, and in February we had a wonderful concert (photos here) and a Holy Eucharist service accompanied by their singing (photos here). As an additional pleasure, their priest also came along, and jointly celebrated the Eucharist with our priest – a lovely expression of the full communion that exists between Utrecht Old Catholics and Anglicans.

As noted on our parish website, the people from Hexham Abbey are again paying a visit, this time the Men's and Boy's Choir, on 22 and 23 October. The first date, at 7 pm, will be a concert, and the following day at 11 am, we will again celebrate the Eucharist accompanied by the Hexham singers. I'm quite pleased by this, and as our rector said at the last visit, it was like we were used to driving an old car, but suddenly could use a luxury model. Very apt. :)

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