25 October 2011

This blog has been occupied

We, the organizers of our global protest movement, have taken control of this blog in order to make a statement on the injustice and greed in this world. The great mass of people simply are not aware that 99% of the inanity and dry wit are on only 1% of the blogs. Therefore we are occupying this blog until such time as other blogs have their fair share of well-written humor, satire, knock-knock jokes, potty humor and/or whoopie cushions.

We also proclaim our solidarity with the occupants of St. Paul's Cathedral in London, mainly because the blog's owner never liked English Baroque architecture anyway. Er, the blog's owner said this as we tied him up and took his keyboard. We really aren't him pretending to be someone else, honest. Well, OK, there was that time he posed as a 19-year-old girl in a chat room, but was profoundly disturbed when the person he was chatting with thought to be an older man was in fact a 19-year-old girl and swore off that kind of thing forever. You have my word. Er, our word.

Lastly, we wish to say that this is the very last piece of humor riffing on the whole occupy movement that will be considered funny. After this, all others will simply be too much and old hat and generally jump the shark. Though the Cookie Monster one was hard to beat.

We now return you to your usual reading of theological nonsense and droning by your simian host.

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