20 October 2011

Well, I’ll be a monkey's bishop!

Something occurred to me recently as I was swinging through the trees of Hannover with one hand (the other holding a banana). While there are bishops for just about every square inch of the Earth, there are not as yet any for cyberspace. And of course that means that there are no cyber-archbishops or metropolitans – obviously with no bishops, you can't have senior bishops, either.

So I decided to institute a new office, that of Bishop of Cyberspace, and install myself as its first occupant, exercising jurisdiction upon my election (by me) regardless of whether or not I am ordained (if I can talk someone into doing it). Which, as the first bishop of the Internet, would make me Primate of All Cyberspace.

Which, given that I am in fact a monkey of the infinite sort, is only appropriate.

You know, I bet you're online right now. If so, you may kiss my ring now. Er, virtually.

1 comment:

  1. OMG, the very first CEV (Cyber Episcopus Vagantus)


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