04 October 2011

What liturgy means to me

If you look at the list of links way down at the bottom of the page, you'll notice that there is a whole section dedicated to just liturgy. While "only" a layman, or rather not ordained, I am a liturgical junkie and love checking out other liturgies, particularly those related to the Anglican Book of Common Prayer in some fashion. Some examples are the Liturgy of St. Tikhon (Russian Orthodox) and the Book of Divine Worship (Roman Catholic Anglican Use). It is particularly interesting to see what changes were made, where, and why.

I'm spoiled by the fact our priest is himself something of a specialist for liturgy, and for a time chaired the German Old Catholics' liturgical commission before retiring to focus on our church building project. Many evenings after Friday vespers have been spent picking his brain about various liturgical issues.

But to give you a clue as to just how much I have been known to get into liturgy, take to heart what I am told our deacon once said about me:

For John, liturgy is like sex.

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