11 April 2012

How God heals through music

I feel closest to God when singing or chanting. I serve as cantor in our parish, and often enjoy singing just for the sake of singing. I have a pretty strong bass-tenor voice that carries well, so my neighbors will no doubt appreciate my booming renditions of American patriotic songs in the shower. Then again, maybe this is why they always give me weird looks. But I digress.

The following video strikes me for two reasons. The first is my own delight in music. The second is that I briefly worked for a media company specializing in nursing care, and of course treatment for dementia was a major topic: It is immensely difficult to get patients suffering from dementia to re-emerge from their shells. It is rare to see someone so dramatically transformed, and the man's reaction is wonderful indeed – as is what he has to say about it at the end.

A man resurrected, if only briefly, by God's power in music. Enjoy.