17 September 2013

"Morning has broken" gets a new verse

Recently I had to plan and lead an English Morning Prayer service for a friend who got married Saturday. He wanted a quiet, meditative service, which is right up my alley, because that's how I like them anyway. (I like to go to the Benedictine monastery in my neighborhood for just that reason.) So it had lots of psalmody in plainchant - what most would refer to as "Gregorian" - which had the added benefit of me being able to lead everyone in singing easily and not having to rehearse hymns, since we would have no organist. That said, given that most attending wouldn't know hymns anyway, not being churchgoers, psalmody is quick to grasp and learn. Even so I was sure they'd want to hear at least one hymn, and it would have to be one they would readily know and that I could lead singing. So as a send-off, the closing hymn was "Morning has broken".

Thing is, I don't much like hearing it anymore, having heard it a few times too many, but I couldn't think of anything else. So out of frustration, I came up with my own version, to wit:

My wind has broken
Raised my leg highly
Foul stench has spoken
Face is a smiley
Smell of beans flowin',
Onions and broccoli,
Intestines twisting,
sing out all day.

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