18 September 2013

Migrants vs. idiots in Germany

A brilliant link (in German). For the non-Kraut speakers out there, the NPD, a far-right neo-Nazi party, sent a form letter to German politicians of non-German ethnic background. In it, they explained the Latin origin of the word "migrant" (and rudely addressing the recipients as such, instead of by name, claiming along the way that the Roman Empire fell because of too many migrants) and invited them to migrate out of Germany.

In response, a German politician of Turkish background replied by paraphrasing the letter, explaining the Greek origin of the word "idiot", reminding the writer that the Greeks invented democracy precisely so that idiots like the writer would never take power — and in a postscript noted that the German text of the original letter was full of punctuation and grammatical errors, which the respondent was kind enough to correct.

Nevermind that those "migrants" who destroyed the Roman Empire in the West were, uh, Germans.