05 November 2013

Hail to the…Redbloods?

I'm a longtime and diehard fan of the Washington Redskins, with many fond memories of the likes of Theismann, Riggins, Monk, Carter, Green and many other stars of the 1980s and 1990s. I also happen to think the controversy over the name, which some claim is racist, is overblown and misplaced, and distinctly remember being very annoyed when my beloved Redskins played in Minnesota in the 1980s (first play of the game: 68-yard TD pass from Theismann to Monk…I think I was the only person in the stands cheering) and saw a handful of protestors demanding the name be changed.

Having said that…I'm also a creative guy dontchaknow, and as such I had an idea. Just suppose the name had to be changed for some reason (like the NFL caves to pressure, something hardly unimaginable). What would an alternative be that would be palatable to someone like me?

So…I hereby propose the alternative "Washington Redbloods". The name would have many advantages: One, the classic script "R" logo used on ballcaps starting with Joe Gibbs could be maintained. Two, the old Lombardi-era "R" helmet (sometimes used in throwback uniforms) could be revived as a possible replacement for the Redskin head logo. (Yes, I would still keep the feathers as a reminder of the Redskins team's pride and tradition. The colors could however be reversed so that the helmet is red as now, not yellow.) Three, it would maintain the warrior fighting spirit of the Redskins name. Four, the "Hail to the Redskins" song could be kept, with just one syllable changed. Five, the warrior imagery from other throwback elements — the Sonny Jurgensen-era spear helmet, for example — would still make sense with the new name. And of course red would remain the dominant color.

So…while I'm still in favor of keeping the name as it is, I could certainly live with "Redbloods" as an alternative if the NFL does indeed cave in…which something tells me it will eventually.

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  1. I just posted on twitter Washington Redbloods not knowing you suggested. I totally agree however.


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