17 October 2012

What's that smell?

Out in our front yard, there was a large old shed that we used to store our bikes. The shed was pretty ramshackle, obviously cobbled together from bits and pieces sometime just after the war. But it did its job.

The odd thing about it is how it smelled inside. Not an unpleasant smell at all, but strangely it smelled just like my grandmother's garage when I was small. I've only ever smelled that smell in one other place, in my uncle's garage. He took over my grandmother's house when she died, and then took the stuff with him when he and my aunt built their new house, so whatever it is that causes that smell, it's now in his garage. Either way, for that reason I was oddly fond of the old shed, just because of the smell.

Well, sad to say, but the owners of the condos in my building decided to tear it down for a new bike shelter, and it's gone, being replaced by what looks like an el cheapo generic…thing. The odd thing is that the inconvenience of not being able to put the bikes away, along with the noise and chaos outside, doesn't bother me, but the loss of that smell does.

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