Sermon archive

For some years, from late 2006 to mid-2010, I was responsible for planning and leading our monthly (at times twice monthly) English-language Anglican services in Hannover. While our priest celebrated the Eucharist, for various reasons I took over all the parts that involved reading or speaking a lot of English but didn't require a priest. That included the homilies. At first, our priest would read them beforehand, but after some time as I got more accustomed to it, he generally left me to my own devices.

Many people have asked for copies of the sermons, and I generally sent them as PDFs by e-mail, but I decided to also use this blog as an archive of some of my favorites. You can find all sermons on this blog by using the label or tag "sermon" -- the labels/tags are the lists of words you see under each blog entry, which you can click on to find other posts with that same tag. Or you can just click here to find all sermons in the archive. I will continue adding some from time to time, so you can keep checking back for more.

I hope you enjoy them and look forward to feedback, criticism, debate, and cries of astonishment at their sheer excellence.